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Citymaker Labs

What can you start today?

Solve problems fast

In as little as 30 minutes, Citymaker Labs workshops teach you how to spot opportunities and solve problems in your neighbourhood.

We help you transform ideas into action. Our process shatters excuses and produces concrete plans so you can stop wishing and start doing.

You’re in charge

We don’t believe in waiting around to make a difference. Citymaker Labs workshops show you how you can start making your city better today without vast amounts of money, resources, or influence.

Our team is passionate about empowering citizens to achieve real change. To learn how we can unleash your organisation’s potential with a customised workshop, write to


“I’m so inspired, I want to make Bukit Bintang great again!”

Bukit Bintang resident, participant of Citymaker Labs Express at the Malaysia Urban Forum, February 2019

“Fun, intense, and effective. I would definitely do it again. When’s the next one?”

Participant of Citymaker Labs, October 2018

“I’m really surprised at how much I was able accomplish in such a short time. It was so easy to follow. I need to teach my students this methodology.”

University lecturer, participant of Citymaker Labs Express at the Malaysia Urban Forum, February 2019


Based on design thinking methodology, Citymaker Labs workshops are resolutely geared towards project implementation. Rapid project ideation techniques banish perfectionism and procrastination, freeing participants to quickly create and implement simple, innovative, and effective solutions.

With a strong focus on feasibility, pursuing and incorporating feedback, and breaking big ideas down into manageable next steps, participants leave our workshops with a clear, actionable project plan. “What can you start today?” is the guiding mantra.

The methodology is highly versatile, and can easily be adapted to different age groups and sectors – from schoolchildren and university students, to corporates and decision-makers. Workshops range from 30 minutes to five days long, depending on the profile and objectives of the participants.

About us

Citymaker Labs was created by Yan Teh and Tasnim Abdul Hadi at Think City, an urban regeneration organisation based in Malaysia. Together with teammate Husna Khaidil, they are using the Citymaker platform to change mindsets and build a more proactive and participatory society. By placing problem-solving tools in the hands of everyday citizens, they hope to inspire people to take ownership of the future of their cities.

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